Whether this is your first serious trip with a little one in tow, you’re dealing with independent-minded teens, or you’re bringing along a large clan, we can help you design an experience that’s right for your family.

Spain is a fantastic country to travel with children of any age. Spaniards dote on the young ones and we encourage you and your family to adapt to the Spanish lifestyle during your vacation…. Your children will love you for it, especially as it means staying up later and enjoying the life in the local restaurants, squares and parks. Even without the activities we arrange, Spain is a great base just “to be” for the family as you let the lifestyle wash over you.

This is your vacation though and it’s well worth planning fun and unique activities in advance to make sure you make the most of every day. From the main cities to quaint villages and rural areas, there are a whole range of fun and exciting activities for you and your children to embrace.

“Raising a family here has made me fall in love all over again with Spain and its people. The almost daily acts of kindness and generosity towards my children from locals in Madrid and wherever we travel in Spain bring so much joy to us”. Nigel Hack, Founder of Madrid & Beyond

Some of our favorite family vacation packages in Madrid and the rest of Spain include some of the following:

  • Joining the Human Towers – Castellers – either at their practice sessions or at one of the local festivals in Catalunya
  • A Dragon Tour in Barcelona where the young ones go on an interactive “hunt” for the city’s most iconic symbol in the Gothic Quarter
  • A city tour that combines history with tastings of family favorites especially chocolate!
  • A fun-filled cooking class and market visit for all the family
  • Prime seats for a Liga game or even insider’s soccer at one of big Spain’s big clubs.
  • A boat excursion in the Balearic Islands or along the Costa Brava
  • Family hikes all over Spain especially in Andalucia, the Basque Country and the Costa Brava
  • Mountain biking in many parts of Europe’s second most mountainous country
  • A private flamenco dance lesson
  • A behind the scenes visit at life on a bull ranch
  • Horseback riding in beautiful scenery
  • A fan painting activity, still popular in the heat of the summer
  • A Game of Thrones tour in Sevilla

& wherever you travel, we always carefully select the best guides that best suit your family needs and preferences in each place.

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