Art & History

Spain has produced some of the world´s most famous and influential artists including Goya, Velazquez, Picasso and Dalí and adopted Spaniard “El Greco”. We urge you to see some of the world´s most famous paintings on display in Spain’s best museums and art galleries in the company of one of our expert guides. Our city tours can include visits to museums, such as the Prado or the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. We also arrange specialist tours of particular artists and in-depth tours of those museums or galleries that most interest you.

We work with a wide range of individual art experts throughout Spain, who give fascinating insights into Spain’s artistic heritage. In some cases our exclusive collaborators are leading experts in their fields, such as Armando in Madrid who is a Professor of contemporary art, who has worked for many years as an art critic and writer for leading art publications as well as curating some of Spain’s top exhibitions. His expertise, amiability, behind the scenes contacts and extraordinary vision into the world of contemporary art make his private tours fascinating and revealing. In Barcelona, we are privileged to collaborate with Spain´s oldest gallery which housed Picasso´s very first exhibition. Here we arrange specialist insider visits to the gallery hosted by the owner himself.

For a more hands-on art experience, one of our favorite experiences is with renowned art restorers in Sevilla who invite you into their home and studio to share with you their passion for art and reveal the techniques they use to save age-old art pieces and bring them back to life.

With the owner of Madrid & Beyond being a former history teacher, it goes without saying that history is a huge part of our cultural offering to our travelers. The legacy of the Roman Empire can be marveled at in many areas of Spain and of course the Moorish kingdom of Andalusia became a shining beacon of civilization during the European ‘Dark Age’. In the 16th century Spain built an empire that extended across Europe to the Americas, Africa and Asia and became the first world superpower. The relative decline of Spain, the tragedy of the Civil War in the 1930s and the resurgence of its status in the late 20th century make for fascinating stories as you discover Spain, past and present.

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