Art & History Tours of Spain

Spain has produced some of the world's most famous painters and they have produced some of the world's most famous paintings. There can be no doubt that Goya, Velazquez, Picasso and Dalí are among some of greatest painters ever to have lived. We urge you to see their paintings on display in Spain's best museums and art galleries, but to experience them with expert guides.

A Madrid city tour can include the Prado or the Thyssen or the Reina Sofia (home to Picasso’s Guernica) OR we can arrange specialist tours of each museum for 2 or 3 hours. Whatever you prefer. In Barcelona, your city tour can include the Picasso Museum … but we can also arrange a specialist insider’s visit to the gallery where Picasso had his first exhibition. It’s Spain’s oldest gallery and we are privileged to know and collaborate with the owner, who can act as your host on a private visit.

For those who prefer contemporary art, we also work with a well-known Spanish art historian. He has also worked for many years as an art critic and writer for publications such as the ABC Cultural and Artforum, and we are delighted to continue collaborating with him. His expertise, amiability, behind the scenes contacts and extraordinary vision into the world of contemporary art make his private tours fascinating and revealing.

We arrange specialist art trips for all types of groups, including Alumni Associations, incorporating a wide range of unique access and creative experiences for the groups.

With the owner of Madrid & Beyond being a former history teacher, it goes without saying that history is a huge part of our cultural offering to our travelers. Again, this is best done through local guides but we also work with an interesting range of individuals, some experts in Jewish Heritage, others more focused on specific themes in history.

Combining art and history, we are delighted to be able to offer private entrées to the owners of stately homes in Spain, many of whom boast impressive private art collections. In some case, you can even stay overnight in one of these private homes… If interested, please let us know as we only tend to offer this opportunity to those who seeking something a very unique and ‘closed door’ experience.