Experienced Travel Planners

Truly memorable vacations require meticulous planning. At Madrid & Beyond we take care of the 'Total Trip'. Every last detail is thought about and planned for.

Everyone on the Madrid & Beyond team is an experienced traveler and expert in Spain.  We take care of all of the details from choosing the 'right' hotels in the best location to travel and logistics through to opening the doors to a range of unique special experiences that will make your vacation a 'once-in-a-lifetime'.

We know Spain like no other company and we have built our reputation over many years on high levels of personal service. We are a team of experts, with the knowledge, experience, contacts & confidence to customize itineraries for all demanding and discerning travelers.

Our trips are not just about 'seeing'. They are about participating, joining in and discovering the magic of this wonderful country for yourself.

We pride ourselves on a fabulous and diverse range of private tours and "Special Experiences", providing insider access to unique places and people. In short we open doors that remain closed to the vast majority of travelers.

However you choose to spend your time in Spain your vacations are underpinned by our experienced team's commitment to service. We take care of your trip down to the very last detail ensuring that you can enjoy Spain to the full, free of logistical concerns.

“I've never had service this good from a travel agent, and I've traveled a lot. We knew nothing about Spain and you helped us have a great trip."

Frank Tow