All about people...

Ultimately, we believe it's all about PEOPLE- however well scripted this web site may be, and however alluring the photos may appear, what really counts are the people you encounter, and the genuine experiences you share with them.

At Madrid & Beyond we provide insiders access to unique places and faces - a fantastic range of fabulous characters and personalities. There's something or someone for all tastes and preferences. We work with amazing city guides and our network of collaborators from all walks of life allow you to enjoy activities and experiences such as: an insider's night tour of authentic gypsy (flamenco) culture, private cooking classes with top chefs in their own homes, personal invitations to private homes of the aristocracy, visits to traditional and vanguard wineries with welcomes from their owners, behind the scenes introductions to bullfighters, an Insiders Experience of the Catalonian “Human Towers”, access to a Spanish dressage Olympic medalist, private tours of Spain include elite art galleries with entrées to their owners, behind the scenes at Real Madrid and much more! The sheer range and quality of 'Special Experiences' allows us to arrange vacations that meet with the demands of the most discerning of travelers.

Why simply 'look' when you can genuinely 'live' Spain for yourself? Make the most of your vacations by incorporating "Special Experiences" on your trip of Spain.

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