10 things you didn’t know about flamenco

Manu, Madrid & Beyond Insider
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Madrid & Beyond flamenco event

One of our most popular and unforgettable insider experiences takes travelers right to the heart of flamenco culture. The Andalusian city of Sevilla, birthplace of this expressive artform and home to the most famous flamenco community in the world, is where you’ll meet our friend Manu. A social worker from Sevilla’s Gypsy community, Manu is accompanied by his wife, a famous flamenco dancer and instructor. Together, they’ll take you to the “tablao” of their choosing to meet performers and learn about the world of flamenco. Manu shares his top 10 facts about flamenco.

  1. Flamenco is a 200-year-old art form but has roots from over 2,000 years ago; it continues to evolve today
  2. Flamenco is a mix of Andalusian, Islamic, Sephardic, and above all Gypsy cultures. It also has Afro-Hispanic influences
  3. There are nearly 60 different styles of flamenco which are called “palos”
  4. Flamenco was born in the provinces of Sevilla and Cádiz and later spread throughout the rest of Andalucía, Spain and the world
  5. Gypsy costume is the only folk costume with its own annual international fashion fair
  6. In flamenco, clapping is considered an instrument in its own right
  7. You don’t need to know flamenco to enjoy it, you just need to feel it!
  8. Accessories such as a shawl, castanets, cane or “bata de cola” – the ruffled trail on a flamenco dress – are used in the art form
  9. Flamenco song is Spanish, but many words are in “calo” the Gypsy-Spanish dialect
  10. Flamenco is not just an art, it is a whole culture and a way of living
Madrid & Beyond flamenco event Madrid & Beyond flamenco event