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Oscar, Co-Owner
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Kayaking in Menorca

Declared by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve in 1993, Menorca's diversity makes it a unique place to practice sports and outdoor activities. Its coastline and spectacular beaches with contrasting landscapes between the north and south coast as well as its protected marine fauna and flora, all combine to make it a perfect place to enjoy boat trips, scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking and many other water sports and activities. It's especially great for families! We take a look at the top five outdoor activities to enjoy in Menorca.

  1. Boat Trips For so many of our clients, a boat trip in Menorca has been THE highlight of their vacation; it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s one of the most beautiful boat trips you can take anywhere in the world. Not only is a boat trip a unique opportunity to enjoy several of the stunning unspoiled beaches the island has to offer, it’s also the best way to discover the island from another perspective, from the southern coast where the water is turquoise and the sand is white, to the wilder north.
  2. Hiking There are some really cool hikes around the island especially along one of the island’s jewels, the Camí de Cavalls, a historic bridle path and a haven for hikers of all abilities. Dating back to the 14th century, the Camí took on great importance in the 18th century during the occupancy of the British and French who used it to travel around and connect the island’s various lookout points to protect the island from potential attacks or invaders. Each route leads to hundreds of picture-postcard landscapes, both along the coast and inland. It’s a great way to feel nature all around you, to exercise and to enjoy a photographic safari for unforgettable views.
  3. Mountain Biking Although running a total of 185km around the island, the Camí de Cavalls is divided into 20 stages that bikers can enjoy. Routes takes in all kinds of different places and incredible landscapes along the way which remain etched on the memory forever. Our local expert guides will help you decide which stage to do – some are easier than others – perhaps an easy section for family excursions or something a bit more physically challenging for the experienced biker.
  4. Kayaking Nothing beats a kayak to discover all the tiny coves and caves of the island which are only accessible by water. This is a simple sport which you can enjoy alone or with company but most importantly, it’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Plan a route with our expert guides who will take you to the very best locations. 
  5. Horse Riding Discovering the island on horseback is sure to give you an amazing sense of freedom and adventure. Discover trails and green lanes between dry stone walls, a distinctive part of the Menorcan landscape. The Menorcan horse is famed for being noble and strong, placid, and easy to ride. Look out for these horses which play a key role in the island’s fiestas during the summer months.

The list doesn’t stop there! Menorca has so much more to offer, from scuba-diving to stand-up paddleboard, birdwatching to golf. Talk to the Madrid & Beyond team to plan your perfect active vacation on the island.

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