Camino de Santiago

Walking the Camino de Santiago is not a conventional walking trip but a pilgrimage through history, art, culture and legend stretching back over 1,000 years.

The Camino de Santiago – “The Way of St James” – goes back to the ninth century when the convenient discovery of the remains of St. James led to pilgrims journeying across northern Spain to pay reverence to the Saint who quickly became an idol and a rallying point in the struggle against the Moors, then in control of much of the Peninsula.

The abundance of cathedrals, monasteries, shrines, monuments and inns built in the Middle Ages are ever present as you move towards Santiago, providing pilgrims with a visual feast of cultural and architectural wonder.

You will stumble across fairytale palaces, weave along old farm tracks, climb to points offering spectacular views, descend into valleys of breathtaking beauty, wander through rural villages where time has seemingly stood still for centuries, receive genuine Galician hospitality and enjoy one of the world’s greatest walks.

In-house Camino expert Clara is the Holy Grail of trip planners on the Camino. She knows it well, having hiked and biked it over 50 times as a guide specializing in this famous Pilgrimage walk. She has been office based with us for many years but has become the expert planner of itineraries for those wishing to maximize their experience on this legendary route.

There are many ways to arrange the trip along the Camino de Santiago, including the Camino Portugués or Portuguese Way. This is a fantastic route for pilgrims looking for a more rural experience on the Camino de Santiago. It starts in Lisbon and takes pilgrims across stunning countryside, villages and towns such as Santarém, one of the last Moorish bastions in Portugal, Coimbra, and Porto. On the Portuguese Camino route, the landscape is mostly a mix of terraced fields, lush forests, vineyards and peaceful sleepy villages.

Whichever route you take, we at Madrid & Beyond rely on in-house experience and knowledge, employing bilingual guides who have walked the Camino dozens of times, guides who enthuse about the Camino and its beauty, know its little secrets, and who will introduce you to unique characters along the way, and with their good humor and cheer make your trip a fun and memorable one.

¡Buen Camino!

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