Jewish Heritage

Jewish heritage has been an integral part of our trips since we first began arranging custom itineraries. We have built up a network of hand-picked local guides with a deep knowledge of the history of the Jewish communities in Spain and Portugal. With them, uncover the centuries-old and often complex Jewish history of the Peninsula.

Jewish architecture, former jewish calls, juderias and synagogues and newly opened sephardic museums all help piece together how the sephardi community lived, worked and worshipped before expulsion from spain and portugal in 1492 and 1496 respectively. 

Jewish heritage is present in villages and towns all over the Iberian Peninsula from the best known examples of Toledo, Córdoba, Girona, Belmonte, Tomar to other sites in Segovia, Lisbon and Porto. We work with a handful of Jewish guides who take you on a journey, from the role played by the Jews in establishing and maintaining Al Andaluz as the major economic and financial power of the age to the historic mistake of sending Jews into exile.

In Barcelona, we also work with a fascinating guide who offers a unique insight into the Jewish community of the past and present. She works to connect Jewish past with today’s Jewish life in Catalonia, is active in the local Jewish community, and is an advocate for Jewish heritage protection. She collaborates with the World Monument Fund Jewish Heritage Program and her work has earned her recognition as an activist in this field. 

Up to 3.5 million people around the world are thought to have Sephardic ancestry and in the last few years, both the Spanish and Portugese government now grants citizenship rights to descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled from the country five centuries ago, without being required to move to Iberia and/or renounce any other citizenship they have elsewhere. Whether you’re looking to explore your ancestral history or simply seek to learn more about Jewish heritage in Spain and Portugal, we have the connections and guides to make it happen. 

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