The Camino de Santiago – What Our Travelers Say

Madrid & Beyond
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Camino de Santiago in Galicia

At Madrid & Beyond, we have 20 years’ experience of customizing trips along the Camino, and in Clara Moreno we have Spain’s best Camino planner. A former guide, who has walked and cycled the various routes of the Camino more than 50 times, Clara knows every path and the key people to make sure the experience lives up to all expectations. But don't take our word for it, read what our clients have to say!

“I just wanted to let you know how well the entire Camino experience went. You and Madrid & Beyond did a marvelous job. Your choice of Carlos was a most excellent choice. He is extremely knowledgeable and goes well beyond the necessary to make things successful. He became a true friend. As I said, seldom have I had an experience so solidly positive. Thanks again… Finally, I must say that Clara, herself, is an outstandingly helpful and friendly person with whom to work. And finally, I expressed my thoughts and feelings to Mr. Kiefer. He was happy that all had worked out so well.” – Bill Wagner

Thank you for arranging a wonderful time on the Camino. Our guide was wonderful and we enjoyed his company tremendously.

“I would like to tell you how much we enjoyed ourselves individually and as a group. Several of the highlights of the journey were our guide Carlos, the tapas in Madrid, the silent walking, the rooms set aside for our gatherings, the monastery at Samos, the Camino itself, the professional bus driver, Carlos, the Pazo Andeade, our guide Carlos, the changing weather, discovering the offerings of Santiago, did I mention our guide, Carlos? He has been the heart, the soul, the glue, and the shepherd, some say the white tiger. His energy, enthusiasm, attention to detail, humor, and gentle caring has been appreciated by all of us. Thank you so much for enriching our journey by sharing Carlos with us all. We have enjoyed our experience very much. Fantastic! Muchas gracias.” – DH Harvey

“Thank you for arranging a wonderful time on the Camino. Aner was a wonderful guide whose company we enjoyed tremendously. Our daughters also loved the rural hotel where all the spring lambs and other animals enchanted them. Galicia is gorgeous at this time of year! We could have spent a little more time walking, but appreciated that we can someday come back and discover more of the Camino in another year.” – Jennifer Caldwell

“We were on foot while Sabela, our guide, was at the end of a phone call if we needed her and in a van with raincoats and food, and any kinds of needs that we had. And that was a really good feeling I think there was only one time that we had to call her, and it was a minor incident, but she was there for us. Walking up that final hill, I have to say, I was in tears. I know I wasn’t the only one because it’s just an incredible accomplishment.” – Annette Younger

“It’s an incredible experience to do with someone you love, it brings you closer to them, whether you do it for one of those reasons that I mentioned, or not, it is spiritual to yourself because you spend time getting to know yourself.” – Daryl Faulkner