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We talk to Pedro, our insider in the Algarve who treats travelers to amazing sailing experiences, about life on the waves.

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The Douro Valley is one of our favorite places in Portugal. One of the experiences we love to offer our travelers, and a wonderful way to see this colorful region of Portugal from a new perspective, is a private river cruise down the Douro from Portugal’s second city, Porto to Bitetos.

Pepo, Madrid & Beyond Insider

For Pepo, our expert in the Pyrenees, it was always a dream to work in the mountains, a dream that came true nearly 25 years ago when he started working as a whitewater canoe specialist. After working several summer seasons and learning how to respectfully challenge the force of nature, Pepo channeled his experience into
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The Pyrenees – A Great Year-Round Destination for Active Families
Madrid & Beyond

In the most beautiful and remote parts of Portugal, gorgeous homes and villas lie waiting to give couples, families and groups a truly memorable vacation away from the crowds this summer. Stunning scenery, fantastic local gastronomy (and options of private chefs), plus local experts for fun activities can be combined to create your perfect break.

Rural Tranquility on the Algarve
Clara, Director of Active Travel

Walking the Camino de Santiago is not a conventional walking trip but a pilgrimage through history, art, culture and legend stretching back over 1,000 years. The Camino de Santiago – “The Way of St James” – goes back to the 9th century when the convenient discovery of the remains of St James led to pilgrims
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Camino de Santiago
Silvestre, Madrid & Beyond Insider

Meet Silvestre, Madrid & Beyond collaborator in the Alentejo. Silvestre was born and raised in Alentejo, the vast swathe of land that lies south-east of Lisbon in Portugal. He has always lived in the countryside, surrounded by nature, and is passionate about the region. Over his 37 years, Silvestre has served in the military and
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The Alentejo countryside