Nature & Wellness

Whilst our focus is firmly on cultural trips in Spain and Portugal, we are always happy to receive enquiries from travelers who seek to connect with nature and/or to improve their wellbeing. Spain’s and Portugal’s breath-taking National Parks are characteristic for their diversity and sustain an abundance of wildlife. Hikers and mountaineers are frequently drawn to the aptly named ´Picos de Europa´ or ´Peaks of Europe´ in Northern Spain, littered with river-filled gorges and cloud-piercing mountains. The Sierra Nevada National Park in the south-east boasts the highest point in continental Spain, rich in rare flowers and wildlife.  The volcanic Islands of Azores and Madeira offer amazing hikes, endemic species, tropical flora, whale watching, the possibilities are endless!

As part of your itinerary, why not take a break from city life and enjoy the outdoors? We arrange a great variety of hiking excursions with flora and fauna experts as well as forays into the national parks.

For example, visit stunning Doñana, home to multiple endangered species and characterized by a unique biological diversity; from mountains to dunes, to beautiful, quaint beaches. Enjoy a wonderful and fruitful day with one of our expert guides in an incomparable setting, observing the magnificent wildlife that inhabits it, including the endangered golden eagle and Iberian Lynx.  On the Portuguese islands of Madeira and Azores, there are some beautiful nature reserves. As from May 2018, there are direct flights from New York to the Azores…

In an age where people rightly place greater emphasis on wellness, you don’t need to break your regular home habits like yoga, tai chi or meditation. We can arrange it here for you. Whilst all the specialist yoga trips we’ve handled to date have been accompanied by a yoga instructor traveling from the country of origin, we offer the option of an English-speaking yoga instructor in Spain or Portugal to accompany you for some of your trip, or we can simply arrange one or two yoga sessions when and where it best suits you. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that Spain and Portugal are home to a number of alluring yoga retreats in idyllic settings, where yoga can be combined with meditation, mindfulness, spa and massage treatments. Namaste!

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