Food is a big part of the trips we arrange, as we encourage you to experience Spanish and Portuguese cuisine in all its guises. Eating is fun, an integral part of the respective cultures and we urge you to get involved, participate and experience some great foodie experiences on your vacation. There’s something for everyone…

…Whether going local on an insider’s tapas tour or enjoying access to Michelin star chefs, we like to cater to all your tastes and preferences. We arrange cooking classes in cities and smaller towns, working with wonderful characters, sometimes in their homes or in cooking schools or, as in the Basque Country, in an invitation only gastronomic society. You can visit traditional and contemporary olive mills, specialist goat’s cheese farms or delve deep inside the famous ‘jamón ibérico’. Although Iberian ham is a delicacy in both countries, for the curious foodie, you’ll be amazed just how different the cuisines of Spain and Portugal actually are.

The world’s top food critics consistently cite spanish restaurants in their lists, and according to the restaurant magazine, spain boasts 3 restaurants in the world’s top ten list! It won’t be long before lisbon’s top restaurants are climbing those dizzy heights too.

Whilst we can steer you to tables in the finest restaurants, we particularly love to showcase the local flavors and traditional recipes, and local décor and local people.

Join our fabulous hosts and indulge in epicurean tours stopping at specialist food stores, artisanal producers of cheese, chocolate makers, finishing at a local favorite away from the tourists.

Our restaurant recommendations are regularly updated and we are happy to book tables on your behalf. Buen provecho!

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