The Douro Valley

With the opening a few years ago of the Six Senses Hotel and several other charming properties, the area is an obvious draw to those visiting Portugal and we aim for you to totally maximize your time here with some memorable experiences.

We arrange fabulous cruises down the river, either for a day excursion or an overnight experience. We have access to great wineries and partner with some fabulous characters…. Owners of boats, wineries, vintage cars etc., and of course work with amazing guides.

The stunning Douro valley runs along the “River of Gold” in Northern Portugal from the city of Porto. The beautiful riverside setting overlooked by vast vineyards offers one of the most picturesque and scenic journeys in Europe. A globally esteemed wine trail, the Douro is blessed with Portugal’s most fruitful autumn harvests amidst the protection of luscious hillsides.

The UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the oldest defined wine regions, with a producing culture dating back to 1756. It is the birthplace of worldwide famous Port and produces an array of quality reds. The perfect climate and terrain has fostered an interesting variety of traditional small wineries amid more modern-day wine estates belonging to large Port Wine companies.

Besides the wine, the dramatic landscape is best witnessed by river cruise, providing a unique and tranquil environment to admire the enchanting valley. Pinhão offers the idyllic location to embark on a soothing sailing excursion amongst nature, spotting small rural villages and neat terraced vineyards along the way.

Despite the advancements Port Wine production has brought to the Douro, the locals remain loyal to their rural origins and traditions- taking pleasure in handicrafts, and homemade products. Working the land has allowed for the conservation of many farming communities, where olive groves and almond trees cultivate the areas.

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