Madrid & Beyond

Madrid is one of the world’s most vibrant and seductive cities. It is a city with a charming and infectious atmosphere that the visitor can immediately sense, feel a part of and enjoy. A city that takes unabashed pleasure in its past traditions, it is proud to display a wealth of cultural treasures and architectural glories. Each neighborhood has a flavor all its own and the city wonderfully juxtaposes its grandeur – elegant marble statues, spectacular fountains, the awe-inspiring Royal Palace – with lively bohemian districts, where funky restaurants and cafes are sprouting up between old established local favorites. It’s an exciting time for food lovers in the capital too, where you can choose between traditional cuisine and state-of-the-art cooking techniques, in both restaurants and tapas bars.

Most of the team is based in Madrid, and we are proud to have an incredible range of amazing collaborators, including outstanding art historians, bullfighting experts, sommeliers, an author of historical books about Madrid, top chefs, a professor of contemporary art, an award winning athlete who can go running with you before breakfast, an aristocrat who lives in an historic palace downtown, shopping guides, a well-known soccer insider who can bring alive a visit to Real Madrid, fabulous specialist guides and many more!

Nearby Toledo and Segovia are outstanding cities to visit either as a day excursion or for a short stay. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986, Toledo is a thousand-year-old masterpiece created by various cultures including the Romans, Moors, Jews and Christians. The beautifully preserved buildings of this ancient town provide striking testimony of Toledo’s rich and colorful past. Although now completely overshadowed by Madrid, it is Toledo and it’s narrow, winding streets and steps, stone and brick houses and churches that embodies Spain’s past.

To the north of Madrid, Segovia is a World Heritage City, with unique monuments that alone make a visit well worthwhile. The Aqueduct of Segovia is the defining historical feature of the city, dating from the 2nd century, is regarded as the most important Roman civil engineering work in Spain but as you’ll discover with your guide, there is much more to the city than monuments. An old Jewish quarter, stately homes, outstanding views, authentic local restaurants and a healthy mountain air all make a visit to Segovia a memorable part of any trip. Heading further north of Madrid, the pristinely rural Ribera de Duero is home to some of the world’s best and most exclusive red wines.

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