Our Philosophy & Our Story


At Madrid & Beyond we design trips for those seeking authenticity in Spain. We create personalized travel experiences in Spain that become cherished, lifelong memories, catering to those who seek to go beyond all the clichés and discover the heart and pulse of both historic and contemporary Spain.  From the moment we receive your enquiry, we do everything to craft a journey that will make your vacation a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ journey. We totally eschew a cookie cutter approach to trip planning; rather we listen and personalize vacations accordingly. We take care of your trip down to the very last detail ensuring that you can enjoy Spain to the full, free of logistical concerns and benefitting from our unwavering commitment to personalized service.

Whilst outstanding guides are the foundation of trips, our extensive yet exclusive network of collaborators allow you – the traveler – to delve deep inside Spanish culture.

We strive for you to truly “experience” Spain as a traveler, not a tourist, with insider’s access to a whole range of fascinating individuals from all walks of life.

This could be anything from local artisans to top chefs, from authentic flamenco musicians to renowned art experts, from winery owners to soccer insiders, from ace hiking guides to nobility and so on! We believe it’s all about the PEOPLE; what really counts are the people you encounter, and the genuine experiences you share with them.


It was 1998 when Nigel Hack, a British history teacher with a thirst for travel found himself living in the heart of Spain’s buzzy capital, Madrid. Put simply, Nigel fell in love with Spain and the idea for Madrid & Beyond was born! Nigel’s passion was to share the real “insider’s” Spain with discerning travelers. From humble beginnings, Madrid & Beyond has grown into a highly reputed and respected company both within Spain and overseas.

We are very much a team, a close-knit team that has all contributed to making Madrid & Beyond the specialist travel company it is today.

We all love traveling and continue to travel to every corner of Spain; visiting hotels, meeting expert guides, seeking new experiences, checking out restaurants and tapas bars and nurturing the special relationships we have with people all over the country.

Only with this “inside out” knowledge pooled within our team can we provide the expertise that our travelers seek from us.

In an age of rapid technological change, we strive to keep abreast of any improvements and innovations that will enhance our communication and service. In early 2014 Madrid & Beyond opened up an office in New York. This has been a fantastic resource for those traveling from N. America, now that our travel planners are just a ´local´ call away and in the same or similar time zone. In July 2016, we revealed our new look with an updated web site which we hope gives you a much clearer picture of what we do and how we can assist you. Modern demands aside, we never lose sight of the core company values to which we owe our growth and success. We remain true to our philosophy of dealing only with leisure travel, avoiding any ´packages´ and customizing all trips to the individual tastes and preferences of our travelers. We look forward to another 18 years of designing trips that provide unforgettable experiences of Spain!