Granada & Beyond

People come to Granada from all over the world to see and visit one of the world’s most stunning monuments, the Alhambra. Dominating the skyline above the city, this Moorish palace was the jewel in the crown of Moorish kingdom in Spain. With its spectacular location, high on a hill top with the Sierra Nevada mountains rising in the background, the Alhambra is highly impressive from afar. Once within its walls, there are so many delights to revel in but recommended with an expert guide. The ornately decorated Casa Real, the intricately adorned chambers, the leafy gardens of the Generalife and the old walls of the fortress Alcazaba are just some of the treasures within.

There is much more to Granada than the Alhambra… stroll through the old Moorish quarter or a countryside walk around the Alhambra or, you can get hands-on with a ceramic tile painting activity or maybe a gourmet tasting of regional specialties, served in the gardens of a “Carmen” restaurant in the Albaicin?

Or we can keep it simple by just arranging a dinner table for you overlooking the Alhambra. As you prefer!

South of Granada lie the remote valleys of Las Alpujarras, which make for a wonderful hiking excursion from Granada. Here you’ll see a hidden corner of Spain which shows rural life as it’s been lived for centuries. The range of valleys and hills is criss-crossed by trails which meander through orchards and cultivated terraces, woods, meadows and crystal-clear mountain streams. All trekking routes are tailored to your preferences and level of fitness. As part of the excursion we encourage you to see the handicrafts and artisanal skills still being honed in the area such as basketwork, weavings and pottery.

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