We take payments through the secure, third-party platform Flywire. This means you can pay in your local currency (eg US Dollars) and see the cost of the trip, up-front with no hidden fees.  

Flywire offers excellent exchange rates which are often lower than those offered by the bank and there are no additional fees for payments by American Express.  

Payments by Flywire are simple; just click on the link in the invoice or email and follow the instructions. Once payment has gone through, you will receive a confirmation email from Flywire with a unique payment ID, which serves as the receipt and helps you track the status of the payment.  


What is Flywire?

Flywire is a secure, streamlined payment solution that saves time and money when making cross-border payments. The easy-to-navigate system lets you pay in your home currency saving a significant amount of money.

Why does Madrid & Beyond process payments via Flywire?

Paying by Flywire means you can pay in your own currency, eg US Dollars, allowing you to see the final cost of the trip, up-front with no hidden fees.

What are Flywire’s exchange rates?

Flywire offers excellent exchange rates which are often lower than those offered by the bank.

Exchange rates change quickly and constantly. To compare Flywire’s rates with other comparable options, it’s important that you do this at the same time and with rates only available to individuals. Be aware that websites like Yahoo Finance,, and Reuters offer “mid-market” rates which are for currency purchases of over $1 million US dollars.

Are there additional fees for payments by American Express?

No, there are no additional fees for payments made by American Express.

How do I make a payment by Flywire?

Payment by Flywire is simple. All you need to do is follow the link in your travel agent’s email, which will take you to the Madrid & Beyond portal on Flywire’s secure site. You’ll be guided through the process of inputting your personal details, choosing your preferred payment method (bank transfer, VISA, Mastercard, or AMEX), and making a payment. Once the payment has gone through, you will receive a confirmation email from Flywire, with a unique payment ID, which serves as your receipt.

How do I know that Flywire is secure?

Flywire operates on an encrypted website. This means you will always see a lock displayed next to the URL indicating that it is secure.

Something went wrong with my payment, what can I do?

Flywire provides multilingual, 24-hour support across multiple channels including phone (USA toll free +1 800 346 9252 / local number +1 617 207 7076) and email.

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